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Greenwich Manor - Aged Care Facility

This four storey residential aged care facility is to replace a tired, red brick student accommodation building at a prominent intersection in Greenwich, NSW. It is to be a boutique development, consisting of 92 single bedrooms all with private ensuites. The entry is to act as the main activity hub for the building, with a café, dining room and reception all accessed from the entry village square. The upper 2 floors consist of extra service accommodation - many rooms with harbour views and all have access to a rooftop clubroom and terrace with views from Sydney Harbour Bridge right around to ANZAC bridge and beyond. The lower 2 floors have access to beautiful landscaped gardens, both at ground level and an expansive rooftop terrace, with many of the large well-established trees on site to be retained. The buildings are to be created with high quality finishes and spaces, and the latest technology so that the facility will stand up to the rigorous demands of aged care both now, and in the future.
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