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Holy Family Child Care Centre, Marayong

This Centre fulfils a vital community need, meeting the ever increasing demand for child care services in the area, and also meeting the needs of management by helping to retain trained and valued aged care staff. It has the added benefit of creating a diversity of ages on the site, creating a community atmosphere which is valued by young and old alike. The playful and creative design of the Centre goes beyond meeting the basic DoCs requirements, and creates an environment that reflects the children’s sense of adventure and fun. From circular windows, colourful murals and smiley faces in the flooring to twinkling star lights and an outdoor story telling amphitheatre – every detail takes into account the diverse ways that children learn from their environment. The building also takes into account environmental principles, stepping around old gum trees and incorporating energy efficient design with underground water tanks, insulation, orientation, shading and thermal mass key features of the design. It is a flexible, open design that is ready to link in with the Client’s future expansion plans as they further develop in this area. Similar Projects
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