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At SB architects we understand that every project is unique and our solutions reflect the thinking and values of our clients. We approach design by: Understanding our clients requirements Understanding the site and social context Exploring possibilities Evolving the design through teamwork We assemble a Project Team that has extensive experience in aged care design. Under the leadership of a Director, the Project Team remains involved from the beginning to completion. This team approach ensures the continuity of the project is maintained and the needs and aspirations of our Clients are successfully achieved. We utilise an interactive design approach to explore alternative options and achieve successful solutions for our Clients. Working collaboratively, listening to our Client and providing alternative project approaches are an integral part of the design process. In this way, the project arrives at the most appropriate solution while keeping within time and budget limits. Cost Control goes hand-in-hand with the proactive management of planning and building design, and SB Architects has consistently demonstrated its ability to produce functional, practical and innovative designs within a budget. SB Architects believes in an energy conscious, resource responsive, sustainable design process for all of its projects. This approach includes an evaluation of construction costs versus long-term maintenance costs for any decision reached. We evaluate all systems and material decisions with an aim to achieve appropriate, energy efficient and cost-effective solutions. A BUILDING THAT WILL MEET YOUR PRESENT NEEDS AND VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE REQUIRES EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, COMMITMENT AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL. THESE VALUES ARE AT THE CORE OF OUR PRACTICE’

Caring Environments

SB architects has vast experience in the aged care sector, including the design of new buildings on greenfield sites, new buildings within existing operational villages as well as and upgrading existing aged care facilities in stages that allow the building to remain occupied and operational. Our experience means that we understand the importance of creating an environment that is Resdient focused yet Over time we have seen many trends and developments in the industry – currently we are seeing a stronger focus on designing for dementia, including the introduction of virtual reality rooms, and a shift toward assistive technology for logging and monitoring patient care and a move towards providing more hotel style accommodation and facilities. We are dedicated to finding design solutions that maximise your options, implement industry ‘best practice’ to comply with all the relevant codes, regulations and standards, whilst helping you design for the future. This includes the incorporation of the latest technology, energy efficiency and fire safety systems. SB architects’ desired outcome of dementia design is the provision and maintenance of quality of life for the individual. To a person with dementia the built environment can be a confusing and hazardous place. A design that provides an environment that is comfortable, safe, familiar, stimulating and easy to move around is ideal for a person with dementia. SB architects aim to not only provide this throughout your facility, but also to provide safe, functional and unobtrusive work spaces and facilities for staff and carers. SB architects has also seen the introduction of palliative care areas into aged care facilities. The main aim of these areas is the provision of an environment where the patient feels at home, and can be supported by family in a sensitive, caring environment during the time they have left.

Building a Community

More and more facilities are including new communal areas off a central hub to invigorate the residents and help develop a sense of community around them. Movie theatres, bars, cafes, chapels, club rooms, hairdressers, barbers, day spas, gymnasiums, and men’s sheds are all growing in popularity as the success of such spaces has been seen by our clients.

Sevices to Complement Care

An Aged Care Facility, or Village often requires additional support services for their residents – such as swimming pools, administration centers, laundries, etc. This has never been more important than today with a strong shift towards consumer driven care and a move toward more resort style facilities. It is also not unusual for a village to also cater for the local Meals on Wheels, or to cover local community care packages, or provide for self-care residents on site – often requiring a commercial Kitchen far and away much larger than it otherwise would need to be. Recently there has also been an increased interest in providing child care centers on the site of aged care, or close by. This is due to the difficulty many facilities have in retaining staff. But the benefits go beyond this – research has shown that the resident’s benefit, not only from safely managed interaction but just from the sounds of children nearby. SB architects have undertaken all of these types of projects and have the expertise to help you with your own.


For the future, we understand the need to provide now the flexibility and adaptability for future technological changes – which can add years to the life of a project. At SB architects, we understand that technology is becoming ever more important in aged care to ensure the best care for residents, and a more efficient system for staff. In residential aged care facilities this has expanded from a simple nurse call system to encompass such things as sensor mats to detect if a resident has fallen or left the room, two way communication between the resident and the staff, the ability to tag resident clothing to ensure it is returned to the right person, resident monitoring to ensure they don’t leave the facility and even GPS tracking of equipment so staff can find tools instantly. Technology can also benefit seniors, by enabling them to stay in their homes longer as their care needs increase.

Architecture in the Landscape

Architecture in The Landscape Gardens bring much joy to residents. They can help mark the passing of time – with a changing appearance each season. They provide areas for residents to meet with their family and friends outside of their own personal rooms and also provide a view from their room. The inclusion of features such as musical instruments, or raised vegetable gardens have the benefit of allowing therapy sessions to be run outdoors, as well as indoors – improving the use of the site. Whimsical features such as planter pot heads, and oversized animal statues are a real talking point for residents and visitors alike. Patients with memory loss benefit from the inclusion of well-designed landscapes that can help lower anxiety. At SB Architects we feel that for our projects, the landscape is as important as the building.